January 1, 2019. I'm sitting at an all time high weight, 280lbs, deeply depressed and running out of options. That night, I sent a message to the contact information I found on the TaylorMade Training 4U website. Blindly reaching out, hoping to hear back from someone in a week or so, not expecting much. 25 minutes later I had a personal response from Shawn himself! From there we set up the consultation, I purchased 100 hour long sessions out the gate and fully committed.

In this past year of working with Shawn and Jackie I've lost 85lbs. We've worked around and through injuries. Focused on and improved my nutrition. Dropped fat, gained muscle and increased cardiovascular endurance. I've run 3 Spartan races and a few 5k's.

Today, January 15, 2020. I'm 195lbs. 13 months sober. Depression is managed. I'm now training for a couple longer distance Spartan races and a half-marathon! I've got goals! This place is real deal - you get out, what you put in! I can't wait to see what we accomplish this year.

Growing up, I had struggles with my weight. It was a very emotional and trying to for me as it is not acceptable to be overweight in the Japanese culture. Japanese women are stereotypically petite and thin, which I was not.

I decided that I was going to get healthy and began working out. I fell in love with the process of changing my body and soon, I began teaching spin classes.

With my new found love for working out, I wanted to take my body to the next level and train to compete in my first show. This is when I found Shawn.

Shawn has dedicated his knowledge and love of the sport to me and continues to keep me on point with training and nutrition.
Thanks to his motivation and support, I am now in the best shape of my life! My first show is now only 1 month away and I am ready to show off the new me!!

Thank You Shawn!
Juri Ware

I was turning 40 and did not want to be overweight and unhealthy anymore. I knew I could not do it on my own so a friend introduced me to Shawn.

Shawn and I began training on February 1, 2015. I was 210lbs. with 52% body fat.

I cannot say this enough, Shawn is an amazing trainer and really knows what to do to get your desired results. He is not only a trainer but a mentor and a life changer. He helped me get through my fears and personal struggles that were setting me back. He changed my mindset from "I can't do this" to "I can do anything" attitude.

He is so dedicated to each of his clients and the key is in turn, staying dedicated to his meal plan and workout sessions. By July, I was 155lbs. and 28% body fat. AMAZING!

Thank you to the BEST Trainer Ever!!
Jackie Ballard

I started training with Shawn Taylor on March 10, 2014. I have trained with other trainers and they were good and I had results but Shawn is a different kind of trainer. He has a great training style and he makes you feel like you are his only client. He stays on top of you with that diet and if you mess up you will work it off!!

I only trained with him for 2 months and in that 2 month I managed to go from 145 to 130 and my body fat from 38% to 26%. Shawn wrote out a diet plan that I stuck to. I met with him 3 days a week and did cardio on my own.Clean eating, weighted workouts and cardio.
Katrina Tinker

In March of 2012 I re-made the decision to make my Health a Priority. I was actually going through many difficult life changes. I no longer wanted to CARRY my struggles on me PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY.

I decided to rejoin the gym where I met Shawn Taylor. I signed up for Personal Training immediately even though financially it was not in my budget....I found a way to make it fit in my budget because my health became a priority for me. I knew re-embracing Health and Fitness would have a positive impact on my life on every level.
I trained with Shawn 3 days per week and on those days I also did an additional 30-40 minutes of cardio after my sessions. I also came in to the gym 2 extras day. I worked out 5 days/week consistently. The workouts were HELLACIOUS but I became addicted. I've never had a trainer make me "Fall in Love" with weight training, resistance training the way Shawn did. I learned so much from him that I still utilize today.

I also turned daily meal plans and followed Shawn's recommendations. I grocery shopped every weekend. I packed all my meals from home including my snacks. I made all my meals and snacks at home. I drank tons of water, rarely drank alcohol, I never drank juices or sodas. I also cut back on my coffee intake.
My results were the best I've ever had. I am forever grateful to Shawn Taylor. He has created a new person in me. I will never allow myself to go back to old me.

I started training with Shawn Taylor on March 10, 2014. I have trained with other trainers and they were In January 2009, I met Shawn Taylor. I had just made my New Year's resolution, as so many do. I told him I wanted to lose 40lbs. by my birthday in May.

He created a workout routine that would accommodate for my bad back and knee, a meal plan and we began to work. I began to work out and eat right religiously.

To my great benefit and surprise, within 90 days, I had lost 41lbs. I not only looked and felt great for my birthday, I had gained so much respect for someone who truly cared about my health and taught me that it is a lifestyle change.

Thank you to my personal trainer and friend, Shawn Taylor.