Key to Shedding Weight Safely & Rapidly

As the owner of TAYLORMADE Training 4U, I believe that everyone can achieve the physical results they want. The key to achieving your desired results is maintaining the proper diet along with your resistance and cardio training. I not only provide my clients with their personal training needs but also guide them with nutritional coaching. By providing both services, my clients have the greatest opportunity for success and it allows me to support you at every step of your fitness journey.

Real, Noticeable Results

It only takes 30 days to create a new habit. From the very beginning, I put in the extra time outside of the studio to provide you with the proper support necessary to stay committed. Monday to Saturday, I will monitor your eating habits to ensure that you stay dedicated and are held accountable for your nutrition decisions. During this time, I am available 24/7 to help you make the right choices. I encourage you to send me a list of what you've eaten so that I know how best to support you. With me by your side, I'm positive that you'll create new, healthier habits and achieve the results you want.

As with any weight loss program, knowledge of how the body works is a crutial step to the process. I will provide the scientific and nutritional aspects of weight loss, so that you have all the tools you need to reach your target weight. Women tend to have more trouble losing weight for two main reasons: hormones and thyroid issues. During fitness and nutritional programs it is important to have routine blood work performed to ensure there are no health reasons holding you back from meeting your goals.

A Nutrition Program Designed for You

Every day, we are overwhelmed by advertisements introducing the newest fad diets and health trends. Don't get caught up in all the gimmacks. It has been proven time and time again, the best way to lose weight and maintain it, is by consuming a healthy diet. With a personalized meal plan specific to your body and needs, I will provide you with the knowledge and tools that actually work.

During our initial consultation, we will talk about your goal, why it is important to you, and the timeframe you have in mind to reach your goal. I then evaluate these goals and provide you with the realistic and safe timeframe it should take to achieve your target weight. During consultation, I believe in finding out as much about you as possible to create a meal plan that will produce amazing results and that you're comfortable with. These meal plans are based on your:

  • Body Measurements
  • Weight
  • Body Fat Content
  • Sleep Schedule
  • Employment/Stress Levels
  • Weekday & Weekend Diet
  • Metabolic Issues
  • Medical History
  • Past & Present Illnesses
  • Vitamin Intake
The next step is designing the personalized, Monday through Sunday, meal plan based specifically on you and your individual needs. My meal plans are very specific; however, we can discuss substitutions. Once you receive your customized meal plan, you are on your way to healthy eating habits but it does not stop there! Accountability goes hand in hand with successful results. Throughout the day, you will send photos of your meals to keep you on track. This keeps me informed when you are out of the studio and holds you accountable for success.